Estimated, first time prices will include the purchase of your hair, installation, gloss, cut & style. You will receive a take home kit with products
and instructions on how to maintain your new hair to best optimize its “life span”.

Pricing: 10”-18” ~ $1100-$1700 | 22” ~ $1800-$2800

*$400 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required upon booking. The deposit will be applied to the overall balance of the appointment and is NOT
an additional add on fee. This will secure your appointment.


For return visits, here is what you can expect: -move-up reinstallation once every 7-10 weeks -replace hair on an average of every 6-12 months
with new hair

Reinstallation Pricing: $150 ~ $600

*Color is priced separately

Your exact pricing will be determined upon your free in person consultation. This should only take 15-20 minutes of our time. Your final price
will take into consideration how many rows you will need and the desired length. We will get in contact with you within 2-5 business days to
chat some more, set up an in person consultation and guide you into the hair you’ve always dreamed of!


LEGACY HAIR CO. is not responsible for any damage to hair wefts once the guest leaves our

Other Considerations
Images of your current look

Please include images that are taken in natural light - outdoors or in a room that has lots of natural light coming in from the windows. Please upload images that show the front of your head, back of your head, as well as a side view.

Images of your desired look

Please upload at least one image of how you want your hair to look. Are you looking for fullness, more length? Images of your inspiration are extremely helpful!